We craft our photographs, we craft our art, we craft our products, but you, you are unique and the art of capturing your uniqueness, along with our elegant newborn photographs, is what is what makes our photographs different. We tell your story in a contemporary way, through a visual storytelling where every single detail helps to define your portraits. We have the ability to portrait the individuality of your family, kids and the beauty of your baby, in a subtle and discreet way; that individuality that makes all of you that special and unique; and THAT is the craft of Elleyce Studios, the craft of Sara L. Calvo.


Elegant photographs to celebrate the tenderness, the tears of joy and the excitement of your life as parents. A wonderful testament that will keep the memories, otherwise forgotten, of those very special first moments... more info


With their imagination, natural personality, fearless behaviour and their innocence make the quirkiest photographs, but to see reflected how your kids really are it is a different trade well worth the patience... more info 

your family story

A storytelling portrait about your family in your environment; a reportage that is a reflection of how you are as a unit, the imperfections that make you perfect and unique, the characters that make it special; a legacy for your loved ones.. more info

Prices start from £150

Gift vouchers available from £50. "MUM TO BE" and baby shower vouchers from £99